Reliance is all set to launch Jio GigaTV as part of its twin offer which includes wired broadband and 4K set-top-box offer, in the near future, Television Post has reported.

Under the Jio GigaTV service, subscribers would be able to watch over 600 channels including high-definition variants on a 4K set-top-box. This service will be offered as part of a monthly subscription which includes GigaFiber broadband and a free landline connection.

This service will be offered as part of the fiber network technology of GigaFiber. The whole GigaFiber setup is expected to be priced at around Rs 4,500 including the set-top box.

Such a potential market disruption has not perturbed cable TV and DTH operators who have claimed that it would actually be beneficial to the industry thanks to a better last mile-connectivity of wired broadband which currently has a poor penetration rate.