The MC today issued a notice to Haveli for dumping garbage at the temporary dumping site of the civic body.

“Packed bags of garbage were being thrown at the site. So, we have issued them a notice. We have written regarding the rules in the notice. We have sent them a calculation too that they will have to pay Rs 10 lakh. So, to avoid this, they must start processing,” said Shri Kishan Sharma, Health Officer.

“As per the rules, more than 50 kg waste generators must process garbage at their own site. It has come to the notice that other big restaurants and marriage palaces too throw their waste at the site at night,” the officer said.

He added that their focus was that bulk waste generators must do their processing on their own and they must comply with Municipal Solid Waste 2016 rules.

“They should do source segregation by separating wet, dry and hazardous waste,” said Sharma.

The officials said Haveli was not within the limits of the MC. “We can’t allow waste above 50 kg and that too without segregation,” they said.